SSS R3 employee list — R3 Employee List

IMPORTANT: Set 10th digit of SSS number

2014 Submit dates

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  1. Fri, Jan 10 Sun, Dec 1
  2. Mon, Feb 10 Wed, Jan 1
  3. Mon, Mar 10 Sat, Feb 1
  4. Thu, Apr 10 Sat, Mar 1
  5. Mon, May 12 Tue, Apr 1
  6. Tue, Jun 10 Thu, May 1
  7. Thu, Jul 10 Sun, Jun 1
  8. Mon, Aug 11 Tue, Jul 1
  9. Wed, Sep 10 Fri, Aug 1
  10. Fri, Oct 10 Mon, Sep 1
  11. Mon, Nov 10 Wed, Oct 1
  12. 13 days to go   Next submission             for period starting

  13. Wed, Dec 10 Sat, Nov 1

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SSS R3 employee list — Answers to your questions

1. What is the name of the R-3?

  • The name of the R-3 is "R3 Employee List".

2. What is the purpose of the R-3?

  • The purpose of the R-3 is to submit names of employees and their corresponding contributions paid.

3. How do you submit the R-3?

  • To submit the form R-3, you must:
    1. Sign in black ink.
    2. Generate the R3 employee list and transmittal report using the R3 File Gen software from the SSS website.
    3. Save the output files to a USB thumb drive and also print two copies of them each.
    4. At SSS, submit the stamped R-5 along with the USB thumb drive (containing the R3 employee list, and the R3 transmittal report), along with the printed copies.
    5. Get all copies stamped. Take one stamped copy back for your own records. Also take back your USB thumb drive.

4. When is the due date to submit the R-3?

  • The R-3's deadline depends on the 10th digit of SSS number (1-2 = 10th, 3-4 = 15th, 5-6 = 20th, 7-8 = 25th, 9-0 = last day of month)

5. When is the payment due for the R-3?

  • The R-3 has no payment due.

6. How many copies do you need to submit for the R-3?

  • For the R-3, you must submit 2 copies.

 Notes: .

7. Where do you submit the R-3?

  • The R-3 is to be submitted at your regional SSS office.

 Notes: You can file at any of the Regional SSS office. You can find a specific SSS branch address from their side menu.